#EndSars #TakeBackOurCountry Demands

The agitators of the Nigeria #EndSARS protest have forwarded a more extensive list of demands to the federal government.  The protesters under the #TakingBackOurCountry hashtag, has asked government to implement the demands in phases with demands in part A of the 2-page document implemented on or before October 31.  The Nigerian youths have asked the government to implement items in part B no later than six months from now.

The protesters have remained peaceful and civil and continue to maintain their decentralization with no leader.  Some of the demands by the Nigerian youths includes 30% increase in the salary of Police Officers, payment of N12Million compensation to each of the families of those killed by SARS/Police, reduction in the salary and allowances (total package) of members of the State Houses of Assembly to N400,000 per month. 

After reading through the press release by the #TakeBackOurCountry protesters, any sane mind will conclude that what the Nigerian youths are asking for are fair, just, and reasonable.  Below is the 2-page document making the rounds on social media listing the Nigerian youths’ demands.

Photo Credit: #EndSars #TakeBackOurCountry