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Just Another Idle Musing 😉

Don’t ‘demand’ value. Don’t beat your knuckles bloody against the innocent wall simply because you’re convinced that you’re not ascribed the regard you surmise is deserved. I believe people would attach as much value to us as we’d input in ourselves.

I detest and am opposed to the concept of war in all its forms and guises as a means of resolving dispute. I hate the shattering of entire family units and lives in general.

The Russian/Ukrainian war is certainly no exception. As to the source of the conflict, there’s a fair bit of back and forth, depending on whom ever is doing the talking. Worse still, the media is painfully and shamelessly polarized as regards their leanings. It’s truly exasperating.

Notably heart breaking however are the recurring claims of blatant racial bigotry within Ukraine against ‘non-whites’ (including Africans), especially at the borders. As sad as it is, I’m forced to ask myself… “who the heck are we kidding?”

At what point do we feel entitled enough to cry wolf because the big bad white man has refused give us the value we demand of him? If I were to smear grease on my t-shirt and throw it on the ground, why would I blame my neighbor who goes on to make a rag of it?

Africa (myself included), please wake up. Please input value in yourself. Take over the wheel of the vehicle of your destiny and self determination… steer right and true. Are we so bad that we can’t have contended and good lives? Is it really impossible to attain good leadership, healthcare, education, security, trade and technology?

Would it be foolhardy to imagine that it becomes the norm for Africans to have not a collectively good standard of living, but a truly great one? That would be true value! Everyone else would respond to that… and even if they don’t, it’d sting little or none.