Too many times have I, and do I, have to expend copious amounts of energy admonishing, convincing and sometimes coercing patients to heed fundamentally sound and logical medical advice on matters regarding their health.

Too many people are declaring themselves healed solely on the word of their pastors or other religious leaders/authorities. Please understand that this is no witch hunt, nor is it an attempt to discredit core pillars of the faiths, whether they be Christianity, Islam or otherwise.

I believe it is quite simple… Should anyone declare healing, then the alleged healed person logically ought to return to the site where diagnosis and/or treatment had been taking place and confirm for a fact that said healing has occurred. I do not see it as doubting or a lack of faith, rather a validation of the permanence of the event that just took place, should it be real. Continuing treatment until a valid scientific confirmation has been made would not change the outcome if indeed said healing occurred…and we’d personally be at the fore front of the ensuing festivities!

It is utterly irresponsible for anyone to so casually demand that my patient stops treatment solely on the basis of a declared healing… As so often happens in my current practice! It is maddening! Sad thing is, every single one of them I have come across has turned out to not have been healed after all, and inevitably spiraled downward because of their prematurely stopping treatment. Again, it is utterly irresponsible of all parties involved… Patient and pastor (or imam) alike!

These common words… “it doesn’t matter what the doctor says”… Abeg, we are not antichrists. We are every bit as religious as everyone else. We believe in and are excited at the prospect of verified miracles wherever we find them!

Regardless of what we’re sometimes itching to hear, let’s adopt some restraint, and be deliberate about keeping our heads level amidst all the noise. My message is simple… Kindly take the time to confirm your ‘healing’ before deciding to throw caution to the wind!