Our Age-Old Hysterics…

A few days ago, I saw a clip making the rounds on social media, showing a man who’d apparently crash landed on a roof top while flying on/in his ‘spiritual aircraft’ to/from his witches’ coven. His spiritual craft had allegedly run out of fuel. Most amusing… distressing rather, was the obvious and predictable hysteria all around as our usual superstitious tendencies were fanned and flamed! It was an all too familiar scene!

All the while, I was painfully incredulous that we would perpetuate this silliness today.

Simple question… With all the clips we capture, with how easy it is to catch all kinds of stuff on video in our day… How is it that no one has ever caught an actual video of the witch on the flying craft? How is it that there are no clips of actual transformations of our ‘witches’ into owls, snakes, or even cockroaches as we so often hear? Nah, it is always a clip of the poor man or woman cornered and being sneered at on a roof top or being beaten by a mob mostly on hearsay!

There are a good number of rational reasons why anyone could be found on a roof top, a tree, or the top of a mast in the early morning. There are many psychiatric and psychological issues that could very adequately explain any one of these events! These people should be helped, not jeered at! Particularly surprising is how even chunks of educated young people buy into these ideals.

Another question I will ask is… How has all the hysteria helped us as a people? We are still terribly far behind the western world on many, many fronts! Is it that Africans are the evilest people on earth? Why are we so conscious of the idea of our neighbors plotting our downfalls via spiritual means? We consequently so easily fall into the hands of spiritual charlatans who mandate us to go out on the fields and eat grass like goats or have us lay on our bellies and haughtily walk over our backs, or even body-slam us in the name of deliverance… and so on. Why such hysterical living?

Please and please… let us adopt more intellect and less emotion! Take responsibility for your failings. There does not have to be a boogeyman or woman spiritually orchestrating your failures in the background! There usually is an explanation to seemingly unexplainable things… If we just take the time to check! Ask questions from the right sources!