These Holes on my Baby’s Head

Babies, especially newborns, are the stuff of legend. They’ve got not just a knack for rocking our ‘collective ovaries’, but also instilling in us a deep seated sense of dread at the possibility of damaging so fragile and priceless the gifts that they are.

As with every legendary entity, there closely follows the inevitable twists and spins of folklore, real and imagined.

It’s no wonder then some of the encounters I’ve had in practice thus far, with special attention in this write up, on the newborn/infant.

Here’s a fact… Every baby should be born with ‘holes’ on his/her head. In fact, not having holes on the head of a newborn warrants no small amount of anxiety among Healthcare workers who know what they’re doing in that delivery room.

These holes are called FONTANELLES, and are absolutely vital to the wellbeing of every newborn/infant. It’s presence is utterly warranted, with very clear benefits to the baby.

I believe it’d go a long way for everyone to understand three vital roles these fontanelles play…

First, these spaces which are a result of incomplete fusion of the bones of the baby’s skull, gives the baby’s heads some ability for adjustment during the difficult passage through the birth canal during delivery. Second, the allowance these holes create gives ample room for the growth of the baby’s brain… Third, these holes also give pointers to certain issues the baby may be having. Bulging or depressed fontanelles are clear signs of trouble, and absolutely warrant hastened visits to your doctor.

Also very important is the alleged ‘breathing’ of these ‘holes on the head’ … A very common complaint among mothers that often pushes them to making ill-advised decisions. Please, this (pulsation) is perfectly okay. The pulsations are simply transmitted ‘vibrations’ from the baby’s beating heart. If you were to check, you’d notice the pulsations on the fontanelles are well synchronized with the baby’s heartbeat.

Bottom line is… These holes are no anomaly, rather they are an essential ingredient of any baby’s normal development. They would close up on their own, that at the back by the 2nd to 3rd month, and that in from between the 12th to 18th month after birth.

It is unacceptable to attempt to close these holes on your own/give nature a ‘helping hand’ . DO NOT PRESS OR MASSAGE THE BABY’S HEAD TO YOUR DESIRED SHAPE. DO NOT PLACE HERBAL PASTES OVER THE FONTANELLE. These measures are not only useless, but also carry the potential for serious damage/injury to the baby.

Do a bit more research… Know a bit more.